How Our Cutting-Edge Marketing Approach Nets Sellers A Staggering 9% MORE MONEY Than Other Agents

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Everyone claims they have the best marketing plan to sell your home. We KNOW that our marketing is next level incredible, and we're not afraid to show it off.

We have the experience, reach, and knowledge to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as humanly possible. Our dedicated marketing team utilizes the latest and greatest technology but also has the ability to tie in the “old school” ways to GRAB a buyer’s attention from both angles.

What would a 9% difference do for you?

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“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

- Andrew Carnegie

Hi, I'm Irene!

I am not just a seasoned real estate professional but also a dedicated wife and a proud mother of four. Deeply passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their dream of homeownership. Understanding that home buying is both a financial and emotional journey, I use my experiences as a homeowner and a parent to guide my clients with ease and confidence. I am committed to finding the perfect home in a supportive community for my clients. With me, you gain a partner who stands by your side from the initial search to the final closing and beyond. My dedication and genuine care for my clients makes me the ideal choice for your real estate needs.

Case Studies

Elevating Property Value with Professional Finesse

This gem had been on the market twice before, not making the cut. But lo and behold, in just three days with Irene, it not only found a buyer but had multiple offers and sold with $24,000 more than the asking price!

Irene gave the property a story – a tale that caught everyone's eye. From snazzy flyers to a social media blitz, Irene made sure this place was the talk of the town.

How did she do it? Irene's got this secret sauce that includes savvy marketing, negotiation skills that would make a chess master jealous, and a sixth sense for what her clients really want.

This isn't just a story about selling a house; it's about Irene making real estate dreams come true. Got a property that needs a magic touch? Call Irene – she's got the sauce for success!

Dream-Making Adventure!

This client had some big dreams – selling their place in a flash to snatch up the perfect spot for their dream home.

The client wasn't messing around; they wanted a quick sale and a shortcut to dreamland. Cue Irene, the go-getter extraordinaire, who visited the client, soaked in their dreams, and felt the urgency. For Irene, it wasn't just about selling; she was on a mission to exceed expectations.

She wasn't just selling; she was setting the stage for the client's dream pad. And when it came to marketing, Irene didn't waste a second. Property pics were scheduled in a heartbeat, and the listing hit the market quicker than you can say "dream home."

Now, get ready for the thrilling part – Irene's magic worked like a charm! In just two days, multiple offers flooded in, and the final sale price was an incredible $30,000 over the asking price! I mean, talk about exceeding expectations!

In the end, Irene, with her dedication and rapid moves, didn't just sell a property. She practically propelled our client into dreamland. This is a prime example of a real estate ace not just in the game but playing to win, turning dreams into reality!

Past Clients